Good day, world

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Bah…today will be long. First I get to be stuck in school all morning and afternoon, with a break in between large enough for me to go with my mommy to pick up brothers from art class. Then I have to run to work like, right after my last class, and after that, jump in the shower like a ninja so I don’t reek of horse poopy and sweat when I go to orchestra practice tonight. Yay.


“In the beginning…”

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Well. This is the beginning of my new blog. I’ve had several attempts at this sort of thingee before and utterly failed ha.
Mom’s birthday is today…so yeah. I’ve already been to work at the barn, and I get to go again tonight. Other than that obligation, I dont get to go anywhere…like Underground!! D: Oh well. Oh yeah, and I get to go pick up my altered prom dress from the seamstress. Hoo-rah. It’s just gonna be one of those days hm?

Hello world!

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