Writing…takes a lot of work…

Well, today is one of those glum, dull and gray seventy-degree days in the middle of June…fine weather for a ride with my leased horse, Dusty  🙂 There’s a county show I have to train he and I for in another month; better get hopping. Until then, I’ll work on my new novel, a tale of a murdurer roaming the small town of Black Falls, killing and dumping his victims in the lake or in the swamps behind, every few weeks or months, reminding the townsfolk who still rules. Everyone suspects a man who was once a member of the mafia to have done the killings, hence, the police are so absorbed in finding non-existant evidence against him to look anywhere else. Enter Marcus Delaney, a ninteen-year-old high school drop out and all together punk. Teen parties, drinking, the bits of information on the murders and the former mafia member…all make for one explosive ending…


~ by nikileid on June 14, 2010.

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