Doing a lot of endless nothing down here in Georgia at my grandparents place. Except for today, of course. My brothers and I washed to sparklingness my grandparents’s car and pickup truck. Then I had to clean out the inside with the vaccuum, in this eighty-eight degree heat. Ah the joys. Isn’t this a vacation?
Anyway, while I was in the truck’s bed, I nearly lost footing in the soap suds milling about and I was curiously and sharply aware of the water night at Berean’s youth group last summer. It was a most odd feeling.
Lastly, over the course of a week, I’ve admitted to myself that I am getting nowhere in a book I have been writing for a full year. So sure, it got far, and then abruptly fell off a cliff when I noticed the vast amount of melodrama I had added. It was like being slapped and I knew I would have to take a break 😦 So I’ll take up a new story to occupy my silly mind, as I typically do. Hopefully, this one will work out better.


~ by nikileid on June 13, 2010.

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