Writing…takes a lot of work…

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Well, today is one of those glum, dull and gray seventy-degree days in the middle of June…fine weather for a ride with my leased horse, Dusty  🙂 There’s a county show I have to train he and I for in another month; better get hopping. Until then, I’ll work on my new novel, a tale of a murdurer roaming the small town of Black Falls, killing and dumping his victims in the lake or in the swamps behind, every few weeks or months, reminding the townsfolk who still rules. Everyone suspects a man who was once a member of the mafia to have done the killings, hence, the police are so absorbed in finding non-existant evidence against him to look anywhere else. Enter Marcus Delaney, a ninteen-year-old high school drop out and all together punk. Teen parties, drinking, the bits of information on the murders and the former mafia member…all make for one explosive ending…


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Rainbow girl by Mizrak. 


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“Fragile as the mist
Stronger than titanium
Some folks call it. Love.” -Me

“Sick on a journey –
Over parched fields
Dreams wander on”

“The tears flow like rain
Rolling down a careworn face
It hurts – soon I heal.” -Me

“A dark forest house
a mirage is all it is
evil lost to good”

“Music, words, which first?
birthday, dance, cake, wine and song
then she dined alone”


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In this world you tried

Not leaving me alone behind

There’s no other way

I’ll pray to the gods let him stay

The memories ease the pain inside

Now I know why


All of my memories keep you near

In silent moments,

Imagine you’d be here

All of my memories keep you near

Your silent whispers, silent tears…

-Within Temptation

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Doing a lot of endless nothing down here in Georgia at my grandparents place. Except for today, of course. My brothers and I washed to sparklingness my grandparents’s car and pickup truck. Then I had to clean out the inside with the vaccuum, in this eighty-eight degree heat. Ah the joys. Isn’t this a vacation?
Anyway, while I was in the truck’s bed, I nearly lost footing in the soap suds milling about and I was curiously and sharply aware of the water night at Berean’s youth group last summer. It was a most odd feeling.
Lastly, over the course of a week, I’ve admitted to myself that I am getting nowhere in a book I have been writing for a full year. So sure, it got far, and then abruptly fell off a cliff when I noticed the vast amount of melodrama I had added. It was like being slapped and I knew I would have to take a break 😦 So I’ll take up a new story to occupy my silly mind, as I typically do. Hopefully, this one will work out better.


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Not particularly sure why I’m writing a post now, because Fridays are always rather dull. Yesterday though I saw a friend of mine at the store….oh and I found a fine blackberry phone just lying carelessly about. What foolish owners… *_*
Today I had work in the morning, (by the way, we can all say hellooooo to the bugs..) and again later tonight. Might go to a bible study after that. Yeehh…